Community Radio – instrument for strengthening Human Security and driving force for Local Development

COUNTRY: Ecuador, Esameraldas Province

FIELD OF INTERVENTION: Human Security, Gender Empowerment

The proposed action has the primary purpose of creating and operating a community radio equipped with audio booth, transmission instruments, production booth and field instruments. The radio plays the role of a driving force for the training process during which participants acquire competences on the concept of Human Security, through which the Community Radio’s staff members create programs in order to contribute to local development, culture of peace, gender equality, human rights, social dialogue and territorial cohesion.

OBJECTIVES: ● Train and support local women leaders through the development of communication abilities, by means of support and assistance to the 4 beneficiary women’s networks in addressing the request to the government and for the frequency assignment. ● Create a general Program deriving from the concept of Human Security. Local training, strengthening of collective rights, production of television series and of communicative messages enriching the productions of the community radio.


  • STAGE 1 – A1. Acquisition of the radio frequency. A2. Setting up the radio. A3. Training of the radio staff members. A4. Training of the radio broadcast team.
  • STAGE 2 – A1. Information activity addressed to local youth and women. A2. Development and launch of an information campaign on specific subjects of interest for the Mancomunidad such as Human Security, Local Development, Human Rights, Sexual and Reproductive Health education, Women Advocacy, support to female micro-entrepreneurship.


  • Local staff and women leaders trained in radio hosting, technical management, communication and production.
  • Launched a radio show, inspired by the concept of Human Security, which contributes to development, peace, gender equality, human rights, social dialogue, territorial and cultural cohesion, identity awareness and to the strengthening of community leaders, prioritizing Afro-descendant women from Ecuadorian northern border area.
  • Northern border’s Mancomunidad integrated in the social fabric and strengthened in its mandate to foster Human Security and Local Development.

DONOR: Prosolidar Foundation

TIME PERIOD/DURATION: 2013 – 2016 (27 months)

PARTNERSHIP: Lead applicant: Progetto Sud. Partners: Mancomunidad, Women’s Network.