SHELTER – First reception and inclusion for Ukrainian and Belarusian refugees in Warsaw, Poland.

GEOGRAPHIC AREA: Poland (Warsaw)

FIELD OF INTERVENTION: Humanitarian emergency / Human rights

SHORT DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT: The SHELTER project, is part of the humanitarian aid plan for people fleeing the Ukrainian conflict and the Belarusian dictatorship that Progetto Sud has been implementing since the outbreak of war on February 24, 2022 with the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops. Through this initiative, it is intended to consolidate and strengthen the activities of the “Francesco Fatiga” shelter house in Warsaw (opened in April 2022) with the aim of contributing to the system of first reception for accompanied women and minors fleeing the war in Ukraine and the dictatorship in Belarus by providing them with housing, basic necessities and services to support social inclusion.

OBJECTIVES: Extend and strengthen the role of the “Franco Fatiga” refuge house in Warsaw as a facility (SHELTER) promoter of integrated actions of reception and social inclusion, psychological, legal, labor, housing, language, and educational assistance for women with minor children fleeing war in Ukraine and dictatorship in Belarus.


  • Purchase of basic necessities for hosted refugees (e.g., food; clothes; personal hygiene products; medicines) and supporting activities/services (e.g., toys for children; notebooks; pens; markers).
  • Implementation of services for mothers and minor children (e.g., reception and first information).
  • Psychological assistance to victims of violence and/or the effects of war.
  • Polish language courses; Legal/administrative support for obtaining visas/temporary residence permits; Employment guidance; School placement; Housing guidance; Activities for socialization and integration of children.


  • Strengthened and extended/prolonged the humanitarian action of the “Franco Fatiga” shelter-house in Warsaw for mothers and children fleeing the Ukrainian war and the Belarusian dictatorship.
  • Fostered the integration process of additional refugees (individuals) newly arrived in Poland and fleeing the war in Ukraine and the dictatorship in Belarus.
  • Increased and enhanced the unity and integration of Ukrainian and Belarusian families consisting of mothers and minor children.

PARTNERSHIP: Lead organization: Progetto Sud. Partner: Fundacja Charytatywna “Kraj Do Zycia” (EA) [“A Country To Live In” Foundation]

DURATION: 2023 (6 months)

DONOR: Fondazione Prosolidar – – Project No. 572