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Progetto Sud

Institute for Cooperation of Developing Countries

Progetto Sud is an Italian non-profit, Non-Governmental Organization, created in 1984 on the initiative of the UIL (“Unione Italiana del Lavoro”, Italian Labour Union), formally recognized by the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs by Decree of eligibility No 1988/128/4191/6D of 14 September 1988 and currently included in the list of Civil Society’s non-profit organizations of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation by Decree No 2016/337/000256/1 of 4 April 2016.

The organization, headquartered in Rome, implements international cooperation and development programs and activities in different countries around the world, promoting the principles of sustainable growth and development, tackling inequalities and addressing human rights.

Progetto Sud contributes to the implementation of development projects promoted by institutional donors, national and international profit and non-profit organizations, facilitating the direct involvement of civil society organizations and of public and private stakeholders. Our commitment aims at promoting and animating a democratic participation process by involving people, workers and other civil society actors, for the protection of their rights and in line with the goal of supporting processes of change and growth of equity and social justice; at improving the quality of labor relations and systems and at strengthening processes of governance, supporting those who live in conditions of poverty, marginality and exclusion.

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