Itinerant School for Psychosocial Promoters and Women Community Leaders in Bogotá and Cali, Colombia – Phase II

GEOGRAPHIC AREA: Latin America (Colombia, Bogotá – Cali)

FIELD OF INTERVENTION: Human rights / Gender empowerment / Social assistance

SHORT DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT: The project’s intervention focuses on the experience and methodology of the “Itinerant School” for psychosocial promoters/community leaders, set up several years ago by CAPS (Corporación Centro de Atención Psicosocial) and realised by Progetto Sud and CAPS in the PHASE I of the project. From this initiative (PHASE II), a number of lessons learnt have been elaborated and the present initiative aims to once again involve the territory of Bogotá given its large extension, also with the aim of reinforcing certain aspects of the previous project mentioned above and extending the action to a new territory in Colombia: the city of Cali. In this respect, this proposal aims to strengthen the role of women and their capacity to lead peace processes, applying a gender perspective and promoting the empowerment and protection of women, in compliance with UN Security Council Resolution 1325 (2000) on ‘Women, Peace and Security’ and Objective No. 3 of Italy’s Fourth Action Plan for the implementation of the same resolution.

OBJECTIVES: Create a system at the local level of assistance to those who have suffered violence and violation of their human rights, through the reinforcement of the psycho-social response capacities of women human rights defenders and social leaders, to contribute to the creation of a culture of peace.


  • Training to 40 women from human rights and community-based women’s organisations in Bogotá and Cali over a period of 3 months.
  • Individual psychosocial, psychological and medical assistance for women who have suffered gender-based violence in the context of political violence.
  • Awareness-raising of the local community, in both territories involved in the project, on respect for human rights and especially on the role that women have in defending human rights, preventing gender-based violence and promoting a culture of peace.


  • The capacities of human rights organisations and women’s organisations are strengthened through a psychosocial training process.
  • The status of women human rights defenders and social leaders is improved through psychosocial assistance.
  • The community is made aware of the recognition of the role of women human rights defenders and social leaders.

PARTNERSHIP: Lead Organization: Progetto Sud. Partner: Corporación Centro de Atención Psicosocial (CAPS).

DURATION: 2022 (3 months)

DONOR: Directorate General for Political and Security Affairs (DGAP), Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation – Project No. 130873