CARE – Emergency action for children with disabilities affected by the war in Ukraine

GEOGRAPHIC AREA: Eastern Europe, Ukraine

FIELD OF INTERVENTION: Good health and Well-being, Humanitarian aid, Social inclusion, Human rights, Peace and social justice, Vulnerable children

SHORT DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT: The main purpose is to give a humanitarian response to the emergency of children and young people with physical and mental disabilities from Kiev or other Ukrainian regions affected by the conflict. The aim of the initiative is to provide social services, health support and medical care for children with psychophysical disabilities providing integration and better life conditions in emergency contexts.

OBJECTIVES: The aim of the project is to provide services, support and assistance to children with disabilities facilitating safety, better integration and protection in emergency contexts.


  • assistance, support and guidance for children with disabilities and their families.
  • implementation of a rehabilitation programme divided into: a) sensory activities; b) physical rehabilitation activities.
  • purchase of specific equipment for rehabilitation sessions.


  • psychosensory and physical well-being promoted and management of behavioural disorders improved.
  • conditions and opportunities for social integration in the local context and in social life (e.g. family; school; local community) improved.
  • Understanding and awareness raising of families on disability and rehabilitation measures and solutions acquired and enhanced.
  • personal trauma related to the disabilities amongst children alleviated and/or resolved.
  • cohesive rehabilitation program replicable over time implemented.
  • creation of a therapeutic alliance between U4UA staff, specialist team and parents based on listening and exchange of operational choices.

PARTNERSHIP: Lead Applicant: Associazione Terra Libera. Partners: Fondazione U4UA; Progetto Sud (technical support).

DURATION: 2023-2024 (12 months)

DONOR: Provincia Autonoma di Trento