Development of trade union and entrepreneurial skills through continuous training activities in the New Libya

FIELD OF INTERVENTION: Socio-economic Development, Professional Training, Social Dialogue

GEOGRAPHICAL AREA: MENA (Middle East & North Africa), Libya

SHORT DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT: The project aims at reinforcing local entrepreneurship, boosting small and medium enterprises in a socio-economic context where most of the investors are foreigners. At the same time, a training process on trade union and entrepreneurial associationism, with a focus on the system of social partners and concertation, is planned. The project provides for the possibility to create cooperatives also at the family level: an entrepreneurship model which has never been applied in Libya, but that is of great interest because is considered to be a major element for entrepreneurial development. Special attention is paid to the involvement of local actors, ensuring that they are the main actors of the project and providing them with those services needed for strengthening organizations and developing local human resources.
The project is made up of two modules. A first module provides for the training of trainers on subjects connected to entrepreneurship and trade union sectors. The training is addressed to 5 Libyan trainers who will be hosted in Rome. The training activity will be performed during 10 working days and managed by Italian trainers, experts in subjects related to entrepreneurial and trade union sectors. During the training, visits and case studies concerning the target sector, meetings with entrepreneurial associations, social partners and business incubators will be organized. The provision of training for trainers will ensure a multiplier effect and the sustainability of the project.
A second module provides for a continuing training for Libyan learners, again focused on entrepreneurial and trade union subjects. The training activity, addressed to 60 Libyan learners, will be delivered by two Italian experts who will be in Libya for 20 days.

OBJECTIVES: The general objective is to improve socio-economic conditions for Libyan population. The specific aim is to develop micro-entrepreneurship, supporting the role of Libyan micro and small enterprises for the achievement of a sustainable economic development.


  • Training course for trainers, intended for 5 Libyan learners, for a duration of 10 days. The course will be held by experts in trade union and entrepreneurial subjects. The training activity will be linked to visits to entrepreneurial associations, trade unions and enterprise incubators, with the aim to ensure a substantial “learning by doing” of those concepts taught during the training activity.
  • Professional training course, held in Bengasi, for a duration of 20 days. The training will focus on trade union and entrepreneurial subjects and will be linked to the analysis of professional needs which arose in the new Libyan reality. The training will also concern matters regarding the development of micro-entrepreneurship (as the necessary tools to support the sector, Libyan regulations and parallelism with the European ones, case studies examples for enterprise incubators and for the development of small and medium enterprises). The course is intended for 60 Libyan learners selected by UGTL (Libyan trade union) and by the Autonomous Association of Libyan Enterprises.
  • Italian language course for the learners involved in the training courses, in order to facilitate communication with Italian enterprises which are interested in investing in the Libyan territory.
  • Study and research activity, carried out by the Italian coordinator who will go to Libya together with Italian trainers during the second phase of the project. The Italian coordinator will conduct an analysis of local needs related to the trade union and entrepreneurial sector, as well as a pre-feasibility analysis to formulate sustainable development projects.


  • Libyan entrepreneurial fabric, improved.
  • Trade union and entrepreneurial skills, improved.
  • 5 Libyan trainers adequately trained on trade union and entrepreneurial matters.
  • 60 learners trained on trade union and entrepreneurial matters.

PARTNERSHIP: Progetto Sud, Libyan Trade Union UGTL, Association of Libyan Entrepreneurs.

TIME PERIOD/DURATION: 2012 (6 months).

DONOR: Prosolidar Foundation