Senegal: Delivery of the goods and equipment for the set-up of the ecological islands in the target schools of the “École Durable a Thiès and Ngaparou” project

Thanks to the contribution of the Otto per Mille Valdese ( and to the collaboration with our partners Africa Clean Onlus and Confédération des Syndicats Autonomes du Sénégal (CSA), the devices and equipment (ecological islands and the so-called “plastic-eating fish”) have been delivered. They will allow children and youth to acquire and activate green models and practices aiming at promoting an environmental-led culture and encouraging a recycling process within the schools.

In fact, the project stimulates the active involvement and participation of new generations who are considered as key drivers of change, by implementing environmental trainings and educational programs for learning and acquiring best practices addressing waste management and recycling

The plastic collected thanks to the “plastic-eating fish” will then be resold to Développement Matériel Synthétique (DMS), a company operating in the plastics recycling and reprocessing sector. The profits will be used to purchase materials and equipment that will guarantee a significant improvement of the quality of education.

You can find below some photos of the ecological islands and “plastic-eating fish” delivered.