Renovation and implementation of a well for abstraction of drinking water by means of solar panels and distribution through the activation of a water network – installation of solar panels for electric energy

FIELD OF INTERVENTION: Basic services/Infrastructures

GEOGRAPHICAL AREA: Sub-Saharan Africa, Kenya, Jibana community, District of Kaloleni

SHORT DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT: The project aims to meet the basic needs of the target community; among these needs, the most urgent include access to water for a larger portion of the village dwellers. The community also needs to ensure security in schools, where thefts of the few existing materials (notebooks, small stocks of water, pens, etc.) and intrusion of wild animals have often occurred. Since in the local community there are not enough funds available to build a fence wall, it has been agreed to provide for the installation of a lighting system as a safety measure for the schools. Once electricity is obtained, the demands made by the community concern the provision of computers.
The area covered by the project is the community of Jibana, in Kaloleni district. The project is part of a larger program that Progetto Sud has been implementing for some years now. In addition to an intervention for making the existing well operational, and besides the installation of a water storage tank, an additional cistern will be installed, supplementing the two already existing. Furthermore, two photovoltaic panels will be installed to power the immersion pumps which fill the water storage tanks. Thanks to the construction of a water supply network which connects the wells with the storage tank and the tanks with the main local socio-educational buildings (mainly the two schools in Tsunguni and Vuga), it will be possible to provide a safe and constant supply to the whole village. In the 4 schools located in the vicinity of the well (in addition to Vuga and Tsunguni, the other two are Mgamboni and Walea), photovoltaic panels for electricity will be installed, with the aim to power the batteries needed for computers and night-time lighting of the schools. Lastly, it will be established a management committee to ensure the correct use of water distribution and the sustainability of the intervention through the necessary maintenance works.


  • Extending access to drinking water to all the beneficiaries of Jibana community.
  • Providing a safe and sustainable drinking water supply through renovation and implementation of the well for abstraction of drinking water by means of photovoltaic panels.
  • Implementing a drinking water supply network (completely absent in the village) for night-time lighting and for use of computers.
  • Creating a local management committee.


  • Installation of photovoltaic panels for electricity.
  • Installation of photovoltaic panels for pumping water from the well.
  • Construction of a fence for the well and installation and implementation of a pipe to transfer water from the well to the tank.
  • Installation of a tank for the well.
  • Purchase of computers.
  • Training for a correct use and maintenance of the system.


  • Photovoltaic panels for electricity, installed.
  • Photovoltaic panels for pumping water from the well, installed.
  • Fence for the well, built; pipe to transfer water from the well to the tank, installed.
  • Tank for the well, installed.
  • Computers purchased.
  • Training for the correct use and maintenance of the system, provided.

PARTNERSHIP: Lead applicant: Progetto Sud. Partner: SODEV (Solidarity & Development Organization).

TIME PERIOD/DURATION: start date June 2011 (12 months).

DONOR: Prosolidar Foundation