Reforestation measure and development of sustainable agricultural crops in the region of Lower Shabelle – Somalia

FIELD OF INTERVENTION: Socio-economic Development, Professional Training, Environmental Protection

GEOGRAPHICAL AREA: Sub-Saharan Africa, Somalia, Lower Shabelle

SHORT DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT: The project provides for the establishment of a Center of Agricultural Development, where both arboreal as well as cutting and seed-bearing plants are prepared and planted. The former will be planted, while the latter will be distributed to previously selected households. In this way, a reforestation action for the target territory and the development of agricultural crops will be implemented. The project also provides for the training of plant nursery experts who, after being trained, will establish an Agricultural Cooperative for the production of fruit and vegetables plants. The start-up phase of the Agricultural Cooperative will be supported by a Rotating Fund for its members. The Center for Agricultural Development will play the role of a catalyst for the actions planned in the project and, through the creation of a network involving local institutions, will provide for the autonomous continuation of its activities after the end of the project. Lastly, a local seminar will be organized in Milan, with the aim of raising awareness on development cooperation and other topics related to the project, such as combating desertification, acting for reforestation and for the protection of biodiversity.

OBJECTIVES: ● Promoting the valorization of the Lower Shabelle territory, environmental protection and prevention of desertification. ● Contributing to the restoration of pre-existing habitat in the region through a reforestation action and the development of agricultural crops.


  • Creation of the Center for Agricultural Development in the Lower Shabelle region.
  • Training module for plant nursery experts.
  • Creation of an agricultural cooperative with the relative Rotating Fund.
  • Production of cutting and seed-bearing plants and of tree species.
  • Distribution of horticultural plants to households and reforestation with arboreal plants.
  • Dissemination activity in the territory of Milan, through brochures and other information and divulgation material.


  • Center for Agricultural Development in the Lower Shabelle region, established and launched.
  • Plant nursery experts adequately trained.
  • Agricultural Cooperative established and launched.
  • Arboreal plants reforested and horticultural plants distributed to selected households.

PARTNERSHIP: Lead applicant: Progetto Sud. Partner: NGO AW-FAQI – Small Farmers Development.

TIME PERIOD/DURATION: 2008 (1 year).

DONOR: Municipality of Milan