CONSOB – Bahia consortium for Fair Trade

FIELD OF INTERVENTION: Socio-economic Development, Capacity Building, Professional Training

GEOGRAPHICAL AREA: Latin America, Brazil, Salvador de Bahia

SHORT DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT: The project intends to promote a model of solidarity economy aimed at creating employment opportunities and at increasing income levels for craftsmen and small agricultural producers, starting from a training proposal which favors principles such as cooperativism and collective work organization, solidarity, participation, transparency and equity in commercial transactions. Therefore, the intention is to support fair trade and consumer relations based on ethical principles, allowing a greater number of families and social groups, which are marginalized or in vulnerable conditions and currently excluded from market relations, to lead a life of dignity, creating alternatives to the lack of formal employment opportunities, generating income and employment.

OBJECTIVES: ● Creation of a consortium (CONSOB – Bahia Fair Trade Consortium) in support of a process of selection, quality improvement and marketing, on a regional scale, of small agricultural producers and craftsmen’s products. ● Promotion of producers’ associationism on a regional scale, aimed at the achievement of production and quality standards able to satisfy domestic and foreign market demand. ● Income increase and quality of life improvement for those small agricultural producers and craftsmen involved in the project, with a special focus on indigenous communities and afro-descendants.


  • Creation of a Leading Body (Management Unit).
  • Creation of a catalogue of Fair Trade products.
  • Creation of a Virtual Portal for the consortium.
  • Mapping, registration of producing and buying units, participation in exhibition and events, development and implementation of preparation and professional training programs.
  • Development of a marketing plan for products prospection and placement on the market.
  • Training for quality improvement of products.
  • Installation of a showroom for exhibition and sale of products.


  • A Leading Body (Management Unit) for the creation and management of the consortium, operational.
  • A catalogue of Fair Trade products, with regular updates, available.
  • A virtual portal for the marketing of products, developed.
  • A scientific mapping concerning the market and its potential, continuously updated.
  • A register for producing and buying units, consumers and potential clients, continuously updated.
  • Marketing plan, drawn.
  • Training for quality improvement of products, launched.
  • Showroom for products exhibition and sale, renovated.
  • Continuous participation in exhibitions and fairs.

PARTNERSHIP: Lead applicant: Progetto Sud. Partners: MINARTE – Service Center for Mineral Handicraft (local operational counterpart), SICM – Secretary of Industry, Trade and Mining of the Bahia Government (local institutional counterpart).

TIME PERIOD/DURATION: 2007 – 2009 (3 years).

DONOR: Lombardy Region