Better work for a decent reconstruction – Haiti

FIELD OF INTERVENTION: Socio-economic Development, Social Dialogue

GEOGRAPHICAL AREA: Latin America, Haiti

SHORT DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT: This project is part of the comprehensive strategy, in the framework of the actions of ITUC, TUCA and ILO, to strengthen the Haitian trade unions CTH (Confédération des Travailleurs Haïtiens), CASC (Confederación Autónoma Sindical Clasista) and CATH (Confédération Autonome des Travailleurs Haïtiens) and to promote decent work. The concept of “decent work” responds to 4 strategic objectives: employment opportunities, social protection and security, social dialogue and tripartism. With reference to ILO’s strategy, this project is the first step for the implementation of a mechanism able to collect and share good practices and policies regarding the above mentioned strategic objectives, improving know-how and show-how. In the informal economy characterizing the Country, the construction sector is, in fact, the costliest in terms of victims and accidents at work because of the lack of safety measures.

OBJECTIVES: ● Working skills empowerment for bricklayers, electricians, plumbers, to improve their abilities and to stress on the importance of safety rules in construction areas and in building process. ● Move from the empirical knowledge characterizing most of the Haitian trainers of the construction sector towards a technical one, through two professional updates, the first technical and the second on methodology issues. ● Better reconstruction: campaign for a safe work during relief and reconstruction. ● Promotion of collective bargaining for construction workers and their affiliation to trade unions. ● Promotion of services for workers by trade unions, especially for informal workers of the building sector. ● Facilitating the return of Haitian building workers living in the Dominican Republic without documentation.


  • Implementation of a technical and methodological training of trainers for construction workers.
  • Implementation of a vocational training courses for construction workers.
  • Launch of an information campaign about safety rules in building’s areas.
  • Skills development of workers, employers and public officers about safety rules to prevent accidents at work.
  • Mapping of the informal sector in Port-au-Prince, Artibonnite, Leogane and in the crossing pass among the countries, Malpasse, Ouanaminthe, Anse and Pitre.
  • Mapping of the informal and communitarian system of protection against injury, sickness, for pregnancy and other issues.
  • Planning of a scheme to move such an un-formal social protection system into a formal one, either private or public.
  • Purchase of training equipment (projector, laptop) and renovation of the rooms for the course.


  • 28 trainers for masons trained in certified courses.
  • 150 building workers (bricklayers) trained in certified courses.
  • 75 building workers (electricians) trained in certified courses.
  • 75 building workers (plumbers) trained in certified courses.
  • 50 organizations of construction workers fully trained and aware of the importance of safe labour and accidents prevention.
  • 500 employers and civil servants trained through workshops on safe labour.
  • One awareness campaign on health and safe labour, Haitian labour code, safety rules in building areas through the purchasing and diffusion of materials such as documents, brochures, pamphlets, a new website, and through the mass media (television, radio, newspapers), launched.
  • Reconstruction/rehabilitation of a vocational trade union center, completed.
  • Equipment of a vocational trade union center, provided.

PARTNERSHIP: Lead applicant: Iscos (CISL). Partners: Progetto Sud, Progetto Sviluppo (CGIL), Auser, Arcs – Arci.

TIME PERIOD/DURATION: 15/02/2011 – 14/05/2011.