Skills for a sustainable employment: Training and Apprenticeship for the construction sector in Egypt


FIELD OF INTERVENTION: Capacity Building and Professional Training, Social Dialogue, Socio-economic Development, Gender Empowerment

The project aims at lowering the high unemployment rate amongst young Egyptians, smoothing the transition from school to work and promoting better and higher-skilled employment opportunities in the construction sector, which is one of the most dynamic professional fields in Egypt, through targeted training and apprenticeship programs.

OBJECTIVES: The general objective is to increase employment opportunities in the construction sector for young Egyptian men and women by supporting, through training and apprenticeship activities, a transition process towards the creation and access to better and skilled jobs, bridging the gap between labor supply and demand. In addition to opportunities on the national labor market, the project intends to foster, by means of operational and institutional mechanisms, a regular and organized recruitment and placement process which supports the possibility, for young Egyptian skilled workers, to enter the Italian labor market. Further attention is given to “green construction”, an innovative sector able to encourage gender equality and inclusion in this specific work domain.


  • Strengthening capacities of institutions and national and local actors in order to achieve a better matching between supply and demand.
  • Transferring good practices and supporting capacity building activities for emerging trade unions in the construction sector, with a particular emphasis on aspects of health and safety in the workplace.
  • Improving the training process in the construction sector, supplementing on-the-job learning with apprenticeship programs.
  • Strengthening professional skills evaluation and certification mechanisms in the construction sector.
  • Facilitating the creation of employment opportunities by means of work permits for national and international labor markets.
  • Promoting, also through the development of “green construction”, gender equality in a professional sector which is traditionally dominated by men.


  • Training seminars for teachers/trainers/technicians, organized.
  • Study visit to Italy aimed at sharing the experience of training schools for construction workers, arranged.
  • Training package for tutors, trainers and teachers, created.
  • Seminars aimed at improving professional and technical skills in the construction sector, with related certifications, organized.
  • Training sessions for selected experts, conducted in Italy by Italian experts, delivered.
  • Roundtables dedicated to stakeholders of the construction sector, aimed at revising the certification system, organized.
  • Trainers trained by an Italian Center on evaluation and certification methodologies and instruments.
  • Trainers trained on “green construction” concepts and techniques.

DONOR: Italian-Egyptian Debt for Development Swap (IEDS) Programme

TIME PERIOD/DURATION: 2015 (12 months)

PARTNERSHIP: Lead applicant: ILO (International Labour Organization) Egypt. Partner: Progetto Sud.