Business laboratory

FIELD OF INTERVENTION: Socio-economic Development, Capacity Building, Professional Training

COUNTRY: Montenegro, Podgorica
SHORT DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT: The project aims to contribute to the development of Montenegro, through the creation of a laboratory which can be a point of reference both for local enterprises, by means of trainings for new entrepreneurs and dissemination of good practices at the local and international level, as well as for the creation of a partnership between Progetto Sud and CTUM (Montenegro Trade Union Confederation).
The objective is to raise SMEs’ awareness of their development possibilities and of the importance of internationalization, contributing to the fight against unemployment and, thus, to income and development generation, enabling specific methodologies for enhancing decision-making skills in complex situations, in terms of a multi-partnership involving: trade unions, employers’ associations, local development agencies, local authorities, schools, universities and the government.


  • Contribute to the fight against unemployment, in particular for young people and adults with higher education.
  • Development of widespread entrepreneurship and creation of a diversified production services system.
  • Support Montenegro on its path towards the implementation of a full political and economic democracy, in view of joining EU, and towards a sustainable privatization of enterprises through the creation and experimentation of an infrastructure capable of providing high added-value services.
  • Set-up a business laboratory or business simulator as self-sustainable structure.
  • Select and train 20 young people on business implementation and management methods and techniques.
  • Provide advanced services to SMEs in terms of local business development, internationalization, support to credit, to production, to marketing, to logistics, to fiscal functions, to personnel management, to workforce continuing training, to trade union organization, to insurance and welfare assistance.
  • Undertake awareness-raising and information initiatives to disseminate result and best practices, both in Montenegro as well as in the Marche region.
  • Creation of a consortium between Progetto Sud and CTUM.
  • Create a network between local skilled workers to facilitate exchange of information and experiences on common problems.
  • Implementing a workshop with a pilot initiative for training new entrepreneurs through a “Study Tour”.


  • Establishment of a business laboratory.
  • Development of the Progetto Sud – CTUM portal for SMEs.
  • Training course for new entrepreneurs.
  • Workshop for trained new entrepreneurs.
  • Dissemination of good practices in Montenegro.


  • 1 laboratory established, including 2 equipped offices and 1 classroom for training modules.
  • 50 public and private stakeholders, partners and beneficiaries of the project, made aware and informed.
  • 30 Montenegrin enterprises informed and linked to the portal.
  • 18 new entrepreneurs selected, trained and accredited for participating in the final workshop.
  • Production of 1 DVD for dissemination of good practices.
  • 500 public and private stakeholders, partners and potential direct and indirect beneficiaries, notified of the results and good practices in Montenegro and in the Marche region.

PARTNERSHIP: Lead applicant: Progetto Sud. Partners: U.R. UIL Marche, SSCG/CTUM (Montenegro Trade Union Confederation), Employers’ Association and Government Agency for SMEs Development (Montenegro).
TIME PERIOD/DURATION: 01/02/2005 – 19/01/2007.
DONOR: Marche Region